Middle & High School Art Lesson & Powerpoint Bundle-Klimt Inspired Illustration

Middle & High School Art Lesson & Powerpoint Bundle-Klimt Inspired Illustration

This can be used to teach 5th-12th grade, adult education, and homeschooling students.

Included: PDF, 37 Pages

Middle and High School Art Lesson & PowerPoint Bundle-Klimt Pattern Illustration

******This version includes the Klimt :Master of Gold PowerPoint, which has recently been revised and updated to include more information and images .**********

Klimt may be the greatest Symbolist/Art Nouveau artist of all time.

Klimt Pattern Illustration Middle and High School Art Lesson & Powerpoint

It is great for high school and middle school art classes. This lesson is designed to allow you to do little prep work and then jump into your teaching of Klimt. My students gained a greater appreciation for Klimt, as well as the ability to explore different materials (oil pastels and color pencils) after this lesson. They will be able to expand their skills in manipulating materials, and they can create art at a higher level.

Klimt is my favorite! I love patterns, art history and teaching illustration. If you are like me, Klimt: Pattern Illustration Middle and High School Art Lesson& Powerpoint is the perfect lesson for you.

Klimt is an expert in patterns, gold, and painting. In this lesson, you can help middle and high school students to learn about Klimt’s incredible art. In Gustav Klimt Pattern Illustration Middle and High School Art Lesson & Powerpoint , you will need to do little prepping. This 32-page resource will provide everything that you need for teaching Klimt and illustration. Assessment materials will also be included. This resource includes:

1. Klimt PowerPoint with 21 slides that highlight Klimts’ work

2 16 Page Resource, which contains:

Klimt Biographical Background sheet about Klimt (printable).

Lesson plan

Different colors can be achieved by following the steps (with photographs)



Guideline with photographs for different oils: Step-by-Step instructions

pastel techniques)

Student examples

Klimt examples

Klimt art history review questions(printables)

Student self reflection(printables)

Grading Rubric

National Core Visual Art Standards

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My 8th graders were very excited about this project. We are grateful!

It was extremely helpful to my students.


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