Middle School Music Interactive Notebook

Middle School Music Interactive Notebook

Useful for the 5th-6th
This is mainly used for 6th-grade students.

Included: PDF

The interactive music notebook can be used to assess middle school (6th and 7th grade) students in music. It encourages creativity and promotes student-centered learning. You can use this file in many ways: as interactive notebook pages or worksheets. It also includes differentiated activities and evidence of learning. You can also edit the file to make student instructions and/or modify music terminology more your own.

⚠️Click Click HEREYou can also view the digital version made available for distance learning.

This is the perfect resource for:

✅Music teachers for upper elementary

✅Music teachers for middle schools

✅Students teachers

✅ homeschoolers


► Updated Middle School Interactive Notebook (black & white)

PowerPoint editable

To print as-is PDF, you can’t edit

► Old version of the interactive notebook (non-editable)

► Completed examples of each page of the notebook

► Instructions for use


► Student checklist to keep track of all concepts covered

► Input page, with space for additional notes and the option to edit music terminology to fit your needs

► Output/reflection page, in which students use the information to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create.


  • Tempo
  • rhythm
  • pitch
  • Dynamics
  • Formula
  • timbre
  • Texture
  • Harmony
  • staff & symbols
  • Instruments
  • Composers
  • Conducting
  • listening reflections

⚠️To see details about each page, please refer to the preview.⚠️



“This is a great product. Pre-made means I can use it for all my band classes. Then I just need to stick them together as data/learning notebooks. Thank you.”

“I absolutely love this resource, and am so thankful someone has gone before me to create a way for students to internalize and apply what they are learning.”

“I’m using these in my 5th and 6th grade choirs. This resource is excellent. Great material and professionally done!”


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This notebook is what I was thinking about for General Music Class. I found the resource useful in planning an interactive notebook that I could use digitally as well as a printed copy for my students. These layouts look great. However, I think they need some tweaking to be more in line with my teaching style as well as the ability of my students.

This product is amazing! It has so many interactive pages that you can use to engage your students.


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