Mothers Day Directed Drawing .. Students draw themselves & someone special!

Mothers Day Directed Drawing .. Students draw themselves & someone special!

Can be used for PreK – 6th students.

Includes: PDF, 114 pages


Looking for an ADORABLE project that’s awesome for Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc and not going to break the bank? 😉 This one is sure to be absolutely treasured by the special people in your student’s lives! It’s just so cute… and EASY to make for any age!



This purchase includes 2 files:

✏️a set of 39 different, zero prep paper options (details below) and

✏️a gorgeous, full color show that guides everyone step-by-step through the drawing process. You get detailed photos, clear explanations worded in ways that kids understand, tips and reassurance for artists, and loads of creative variations so all YOU have to do is flip through this show, one page at a time. Super simple to teach!

Your students will be AMAZED with what they are capable of drawing! I ADORE this project… it allows kids to impress themselves and boost their confidence as artists!

I can assure you this project is not too hard for 4-5 year olds… and it’s tons of fun for all ages! I’ve personally used it with 4-11 year olds and they all loved it! 🙂

Many teachers use this project SEVERAL times per year for different occasions: start of the year, mid-year conferences, and Mother’s Day are my personal favorites.

PAPER OPTIONS::: These make this project adaptable for moms, aunts, grandmas, grandpas, dads, seriously– anyone your students are thankful for!

❤️ There are 11 papers for a single face.

One is blank (perfect for adding children’s names or ???) and the others say:



1st grader

2nd grader

3rd grader

4th grader

5th grader

6th grader



❤️ There are several options that include 2 faces… an adult and child sized (THIS is what I like to use for Mother’s Day although the single face papers could be cool, too! Yay for options!).

One is blank and the others say:


I love you, Mom.

I love you, Dad.

I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

I love, you, Papa!

I love you, Mimi!

I love you, Nana!

I love you, Grandma!

I love you, Grandpa!


I’m thankful for you!




Happy teachers are saying:

“The kids LOVED it. I’m a big fan of directed drawing activities, and this one is laid our beautifully. So fun!”

“I was amazed at how these turned out! I love how directed drawings still turn out so individualized. Such a great confidence booster for the kids!”

“Love this. It is easy to follow, has everything anyone can need for this project, and it looks amazing. Not one five year old said it was too hard.”

“Wow – fantastic! I love to do directed drawings and you have set this set up beautifully. I especially like the paper to give students the starting positions!”

“I like directed drawing because I can fit it into my lesson, the kids have to follow directions and they feel good about something that they have created.”



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LICENSING NOTE: This resource is licensed for a single teacher who teaches a typical one class per school year. If your class goes online, you are more than welcome to use this over a secure site with your class. Due to clip artist’s terms of use and my terms of use, you may NOT use this resource to make profit as part of classes on sites such as OutSchool, Udemy, Open Tent Academy, or anything similar. Basically, if you’re using this resource to SELL something, it’s NOT allowed. If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you! 🙂

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