Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement – Blue Chevron

Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement - Blue Chevron

This can be used as a PreK-12th, Higher Ed, Adult Education or Homeschool for staff students.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages

You can use 60 locomotor or nonlocomotor words for inspiration, instruction, and reference. These cards can be printed quickly and used in a dance room, music room or gym as a reference. These words are great for inspiring kids, and giving them an inspiration to help create new movements and dances. These words are great for flash cards or a word wall.

You can choose from eight colors or different themes. Check out all of the sets!

You can choose from Red, Blue and Pink as well as Purple, Green, Confetti, geometric, or Citrus Shine colors!

The words were posted on a bulletin board in my kindergarten music class (Kinder-5th grade) as a word wall. These words are inspiration for us as we choose how to make our songs or games more dynamic. If the teacher wishes, these could be used to create flashcards.

These words are great for referring to when we sing, play instruments, or improvise. This link will show you how I use them in my classroom.

I’ve included a set of blank cards so you can add any new words “in the moment” that you want and don’t see in this set! If you have any new words you would like added to this set, please email me and I will type them for you. This resource is constantly being expanded so teachers can have additional resources and creative words for teaching. Email [email protected] with word suggestions.


You can find more inspiration, resources, and freebies on my blog.

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