Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement – Geometric Theme

Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement - Geometric Theme

It can be used to teach K – 5th grades.

Included: PDF, 33 Pages

To inspire, teach, and refer to 60 different non-locomotor and locomotor movements words! This easy-to-print card is perfect for creating a wall of movement words in your music room, dance studio, or gym. The words can be used to motivate children and provide a platform for them to create their own dances. These words are great for flash cards or a word wall.

There are eight different themes and colors available. You can see all sets available here.

Red, blue, pink, purple, green, Confetti Geometric, Citrus Shine

These words were displayed on the bulletin board of my music school (Kinder-5th Grad) and used as inspiration for a movement wall. They are used as inspiration to help us decide what movement we would like to bring to our games and songs. If the teacher wishes, these could be used to create flashcards.

This is a great way to help you learn songs and improvise. You can see how these words are used in my classroom by clicking this link.

I’ve included a set of blank cards so you can add any new words “in the moment” that you want and don’t see in this set! Send me an email if there are any other words that you think I should add to this set. To make this resource more useful and to inspire teachers, I am always open to expanding it. Email [email protected] with word suggestions.


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