Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement – Purple Chevron

Movement Word Wall for Music, Dance, or Movement - Purple Chevron

It can be used to teach PreK-12th, High School, College, and Adult Education as well as Homeschooling.

Included: PDF, 31 Pages

You can use 60 locomotor or nonlocomotor words for inspiration, instruction, and reference. These cards can be printed quickly and used in a dance room, music room or gym as a reference. These words are great for inspiring kids, and giving them an inspiration to help create new movements and dances. Use the words to inspire kids or as flashcards.

There are eight different themes and colors available. You can see all sets available here.

Red, blue, pink, purple, green, Confetti Geometric, Citrus Shine

These words were displayed on the bulletin board of my music school (kindergarten-5th). They are used as inspiration to help us decide what movement we would like to bring to our games and songs. They could also serve as flashcards if the teacher desires.

These words are great for referring to when we sing, play instruments, or improvise. This link will show you how I use them in my classroom.

I’ve included a set of blank cards so you can add any new words “in the moment” that you want and don’t see in this set! If you have any new words you would like added to this set, please email me and I will type them for you. To make this resource more useful and to inspire teachers, I am always open to expanding it. Email [email protected] with word suggestions.


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These slides can only be used in a classroom setting. These slides are not available for sharing or distribution. To include a slide in your PowerPoint, you may copy it. You may copy a slide to use in a PowerPoint (etc.) but they cannot be used for commercial purposes. We are grateful!


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