Movie Music Composition Project

Movie Music Composition Project

It can be used to make the 9th and 5th grade.
Most commonly used for 5th-6th grade students.

Included: PDF, 45 Pages

The movie music unit can be used to motivate upper-elementary and middle school students. It will get them listening, analysing, creating, and thinking about musical compositions. Learn about sound, music in film and the various music careers within film (especially foley composers and score creators) and create sound effects and soundtracks for short films. The project is flexible enough to be used in different ways depending on your class needs. It can also be completed individually or as a whole group activity.

In this unit are:

PowerPoint slides are available in a variety of formats. These include PowerPoint slides that can be projected onto a screen or used as SmartBoard clips.

Teacher notes in PDF format, including suggestions and tips to teach the project in whole class, small group or individual formats. Also, links to any resources that you may need.

Students can use Word documents (fully editable), worksheets to add their sound effects to short films (also available in PDF).

Due to the number of resources in the file, please note that the file is zipped.

These are also possible options:

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A great resource to integrate aspects of music and drama across disciplines. It also helped students connect to movies they had seen.

This was an excellent product. However, some links didn’t work for me so I modified them and created my own.


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