Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards with Easel Activity Option Set 1

Multiple Meaning Words Task Cards with Easel Activity Option Set 1

It can be used by 3rd-6th grade, Homeschool students.

Includes PDF, 12 (32 Task cards)

These 32 multiple choice task cards can be used to reinforce homographs and common multiple meaning words. Each featured word appears on two cards. As an example, the word duck appears on card #1 for the waterfowl, and again on card #17 for the verb to bend down. This will help students not only to understand the meanings of the words but also to correct their mistakes.


Distance learning

TpT’s digital tool also allows you to create a digital version. After purchase, click the white “Open in Easel” button on this page. This will open a digital overlay that allows students to select their answers. The digital overlay can be edited or left as it is. It can be even assigned in Google Classroom! For an example, please see the fourth thumbnail.


An answer key and student answer sheet are included. The activity can also be extended by using the Challenge Card.

Blackline versions are also available for printing on colored papers.

These task cards are ideal for test prep. They can be used at stations, literacy centers, or for partner work.

The following are the contents of this set:

  • Directions and Suggestions
  • 32 Task Cards – Colour
  • 32 Task Cards – Black Line
  • Cover Card and Challenge Card
  • Student Answer Sheet
  • Answer Keys


This set addresses the Common Core Standards:

This resource covers Common Core Standard L.4 Grades 3-5:

L.4. Based on grade 3, determine or clarify the meanings of multiple-meaning words, phrases and words. [also applies to grades 4, and 5]Read and choose content.

A: Use context (e.g. examples, definitions or restatements of text) to determine the meaning and intent of a word, phrase, or sentence.


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Conditions of Use

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This product is happy brought to you by Rachel Lynette, Cassi Noack of Minds In Bloom



As a clue to the meaning and purpose of a word/phrase, use context (e.g. cause/effect relationships or comparisons in text).


You can use grade 5 reading and content to determine or clarify the meanings of undefined and multiple-meaning phrases and words. You can also choose flexible strategies.


With the help of grade 4 reading and content, clarify and determine the meanings of unidentified and multiple-meaning phrases and words. Choose from a variety strategies.


Based on grade 4 content and reading, determine or clarify the meanings of unidentified and multiple-meaning phrases and words. Choose from a variety strategies.


This resource contains an interactive activity that students can use on any device. The Easel app by TpT can be used for free. Find out more.


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