Multiplication Fact Practice Multiply and Draw

Multiplication Fact Practice Multiply and Draw

It can be used as a 2nd-5th grade, homeschool.
Most commonly used by 3rd-year students.

Includes PDF and 11 pages

Multiplication is an engaging and fun way for students to practice and learn math facts. The students spin the “no prep spinner” and use math facts to create parts of their picture. You can either use an image that has been drawn on paper, or you could create your own.

Students must spin a paperclip (copied on the no PREP) to answer a math question from that section. They can then draw the section they’ve completed after they finish all math facts. Specific facts can be found on entire pages (facts 2-12).

They are perfect for math centers, small groups, whole groups, independent work and fast finishers.

-Math fact pages 2’s-12’s

Images include Foxes Rockets Sports Cat Frog House Owl Dinosaur Monster Pig Pig and Bear

Variable Degrees of Difficulty

Can be printed on card stock or laminated to make a dry erase center

This was so much fun! They were so excited to participate. It was a great way to learn new skills. These are some great ideas.

A student of mine was having trouble with multiplication but loved to draw. I then found this amazing resource. This student suddenly became excited about multiplication and was able to display his drawings. We are grateful for this.


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