Music Class Rules: In Music We… Bulletin Board

Music Class Rules:  In Music We… Bulletin Board

Can be used for Not Grade Specific students.

Includes: PDF, 20 pages

What do we do in music class? I’m not sure that can really be captured in a bulletin board, but this one comes close! This download includes title letters in two sizes. In addition there are 20 statements about what goes on in class. (The picture shows a partial display.) Most of these could be…

I used this to create a quick and easy bulletin board outside my room. It looks awesome!

The only thing I wanted to mention is that when the larger set of words prints out, the letter “c” in “music” is not aligned with the other letters. The margins seem to be set differently for that page.

But otherwise, I love it! And I love the sentiment behind it! Because in music we DO rock! 😉

I love this bulletin board pack. It was very quick and easy to create a colorful wall display for my students that covers our purpose for being in Music class.


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