Music Composer of the Month- Bundle #2- Traditional Composers

Music Composer of the Month- Bundle #2- Traditional Composers

Can be used for PreK – 12th students.

Includes: PDF, 151 pages

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Not ideal for homeschooling.
Don’t mind paying for the time it took to do all this but it’s not a very informative bundle. Has a few basic facts in many different print options, but that’s it. Not much detail. I found more from a couple other sources here and on a couple different websites. My BiL has a degree in music and teaches in TX, along with running the Music department and the HS Marching Band, and he said this is very minimalist.

Again, this would have more application in a traditional elementary classroom setting; grades pre-K till 1st, maybe 2nd. Definitely not enough for 3rd grade and up.

For a few years, I was making my own composer of the month posters. These definitely saved me a ton of time, plus they look way better than mine did!


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