Music Composer of the Month: Tchaikovsky Bulletin Board Pack

Music Composer of the Month: Tchaikovsky Bulletin Board Pack

It can be used by PreK-12th grade students.

Includes PDF and 39 pages

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You might not see all the pages in these thumbnails. Please see below for a description of the product. Click the Q section to ask any questions.

Bulletin boards with composer of the month are an excellent way to present new music to students. They also allow you to incorporate music history and listen activities. They look great as décor and can be changed as often as needed to reflect your curriculum or performance pieces.



Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Peter Tchaikovsky


Month labels

Generic COTM Title page (no composer)

Generic Spotlight Composer Title Page (no composer name)

COTM Title Page (with composer’s name)

Spotlight Composer Title page (with composer name).

The Birth and the Death Years, with composer names

Definition of the Month:

Highlight Definition: Ballet

Tchaikovsky Public Domain Photo

Tchaikovsky Facts

Tchaikovsky Types for Compositions

Tchaikovsky Famous Works (Clickable SafeShareTV Links)

>>> Swan Lake

>>> The Nutcracker Suite

>>> March Slav

>>> Symphony No. >>> Symphony No.

>>> 1812 Overture

>>> Sleeping Beauty Waltz


Blank Landscape Page with a musical background and white-filled frame

Blank Portrait Page (with a music background and white-filled frames)

Blank Page with the Definition of the Month

Blank Spotlight Definition page


There are now two PowerPoint files, one portrait page and one landscape. These PowerPoint files include all four pages of the blank options section. Includes font information as well as installation assistance links.

*Content-containing pages are not editableBut, you can add additional information to the PowerPoint templates.

For all pages, both PDFs as well as JPEGs are possible.

***ALL PAGES NOW INCLUDE AN INK-SAVER OPTION! Print these options in black or white on your favorite colored card stock. Or use them as handouts to organize activities, centers, etc.



SafeShareTV removes YouTube videos from YouTube and minimizes distractions such as autoplay, related videos and, best of all, ads! It is advised that students use a safe-viewer in class. Also, I edited the videos so that there was no unnecessary start time (e.g. applause). You can then get to the music by clicking on the link.

These bulletin boards sets can be used to decorate, but many teachers love using them for digital instruction on their projectors or SMARTboards. When you open the Beloved CompositionsTo view the video, simply click on one of the composition names.

You must ensure your school does not block YouTube, SafeShareTV or other video sites before you can access them in your classroom. You should note that this download does not include actual audio and video files. The videos can be accessed via the internet. These links can only be clicked in PDF files. Beloved CompositionsPage, unless indicated otherwise.

You can test your connection to see if SafeShareTV allows you institution (using your institution’s technology).

>>>>Lacrimosa Piano Guys/Hello

SafeShareTV has a download option if your institution blocks SafeShareTV. This would require you to visit a place where SafeShareTV does not block access.



Not all Composer-of-the Month packages include a photograph. My COTM sets are only made from public domain images. I won’t include a photo if it isn’t available.

If you do not have the Composer-of-the Month set that you wish to buy, but you still need a photo, I am more than happy to provide a blank PDF or JPEG file in Word, PowerPoint or any other word/presentation software for you to add a composition photo. (Personal/Educational use only, no Commercial)



It is recommended that borderless printing be used if you printer can do so. High quality images look great when printed at the highest quality setting. You can laminate the pages to make them last for many years.

You may have problems printing the PDF files. Please make sure that you have the current version. Adobe PDF ReaderClick here Click here


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