Music in History – Antonio Vivaldi & The Four Seasons Listening Activity

Music in History - Antonio Vivaldi & The Four Seasons Listening Activity

It can be used to make 2nd-12th
This is a great tool for 4th- and 5th grade students.

Included: PDF, 22 Pages

What is included?

PowerPoint Presentation of Vivaldi – The Four Seasons Listening Activity*

Video Clips and Audio Tracks Automatically inserted in Slide Show*

4 PDF Worksheets to go along with Lesson*

This lesson is great and will keep your students interested, even in the hardest classes. The lesson begins with a short introduction. history of Vivaldi, the Four Seasons, The String Instruments, & what a String Quartet is in PowerPoint. You will find worksheets included Enjoy these short lessons


Each student must listen to Vivaldi’s four seasons and then write on a sheet of paper which one they believe it to be. Once each student has listened to the songs and recorded their responses, they’ll be able listen again. Included is a WorksheetYou can also do this!


The listening activity will end and students will have to compose a “Sonnet” about the season they choose. The students can write about any season that they enjoy or loathe. A worksheet is included in this section of PowerPoint Presentation.


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This was my TTESS Evaluation and it worked! The kids loved it, my principal liked it, too.This is a great product!

The presentation is excellent. The lesson was a great success with my middle school orchestra students. They loved hearing the “nature sounds”, and were enthralled by how they created them.


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