Music Listening Worksheet Bundle

Music Listening Worksheet Bundle

It can be used to teach PreK-12th grade, or Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 38 Pages

The collection includes over 30 worksheets that can be used to guide music listening from grades K-12. These are general worksheets that have writing prompts for students to use as prompts while they listen to any piece of music. They are great for differentiation and range in difficulty. Get $4 off

It’s a fun thing to random pass out different sheets within the class. This leads to great post-listening conversations in small groups because they have all heard the same piece, but each has analyzed it differently based on their sheets.

The layout and idea of the worksheets is great. I’ve used the worksheets with several students who are piano players. My one gripe with it is that it doesn’t print properly for me. The boxes and illustrations print, but none of the lines or words do, so I’m left to write them in by hand.


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