Music Memories {EDITABLE Ready Set Print!}

Music Memories {EDITABLE Ready Set Print!}

This can be used by K-6th grade students.

Includes PDF and 27 pages

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your musical memories with elementary music students? This set of Music Memories pages is a wonderful way to celebrate your music memories with elementary students.

You can find this bundle if you’re looking for both the printable version and digital version for Google Classroom.

These 21 sheets are non-specific but grade-specific. You can easily use them if there is a combination of grades or you want to have a more manageable last week at school. You will also find 2 more editable sheets without text. It is possible to add text boxes over the frames or add questions. This makes it perfect for all grades and can be customized to meet the specific needs of students.

These prompts are:

Music is what makes me feel…

This was my favorite song that we heard this year.

Make your favourite music video:

Music is my favorite genre.

Our favorite song was…

It was a great time when…

It was the best rhythm I have ever heard.

I loved to sing:

In music next year, I hope…

Music is my favorite form of memory…

Make a drawing of something that you’ve learned about music this year.

These questions were specifically targeted at fifth-graders who are “graduating”, and then going on to middle school.

Music will always be part of my daily life in some ways:

Favorite memory of 5th-grade music…

You will never forget elementary music.

My favorite thing about music was…

The song/game that I love the most is…

How will elementary music be missed?

These sheets can be used as a prompt for a page.

Music (writing) is my favourite day of the year

Music: My favourite day (do you have a response?)

Writing a song is what I would do if I could be a teacher of music.

For a single day, if I was a teacher of music, ____________. Fill in the blanks and draw an image of what you’d do.

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Copyright Lindsay Jervis (2014)

This allowed me to determine what was most popular in my music classes throughout the school year. I found it useful as an evaluation tool of what was working well.

It was a great way to meet my students online and find out what their favorite things about music were. It was quite an exciting year.


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