Music Notes and Symbols Clip Art | Musical Notation BUNDLE

Music Notes and Symbols Clip Art | Musical Notation BUNDLE

It can be used to teach PreK-6th grade, Homeschool and Homeschool students.

Includes PDF with 5,000 pages

Three styles of music notation clipart are available: bright colors, black and white and highlighted notes. They all have transparent backgrounds. The practical set includes 125 symbols and notes for musical theory. Each color is accompanied by over 5,000 images of clipart. This set is a valuable addition to a teacher’s toolkit!

The musical notes images have high-quality quality. They will still be clear and crisp even at full page size. This can be used online or digitally as a learning tool. This is a great way to teach children sheet music reading.

It is ideal for music charting, song cards and musicianship activities.

Here is a list of notes and symbols that can be used as musical symbols:

Whole Note (Semibreve).

Minim: Half-Note

Quarter Note (Crotchet)

Eighth Note (Quaver)

Sixteenth Note (Semiquaver)

Quaver Pair – Eighth Notes

To create dotted notes, use the dot

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

Sharp Symbol

Flat Symbol



Fermata (Pause)

Crescendo / decrescendo

Notes containing Middle C, quarter, and half of the whole note

Bar lines: Single or double

You can find more information in the thumbnails.

File format PNG, with transparent backgrounds. You will receive the zipfile.

Quality graphics at 300 dpi

These images can be used for commercial purposes, such as to promote TeachersPayTeachers products. These images are great for instrumental programs, choirs, and music classes.

This product does not require credit. Other terms of usage apply.


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Clip art of high quality for teachers


Music theory worksheets, musicianship activities and clipart for musical symbols. Graphics for commercial use – symbols and signs musical


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