Music Worksheets: Treble Clef Note Reading {Halloween Fun}

Can be used for 2nd – 7th
Mostly used with 3rd and 4th students.

Includes: PDF,


20 Music Worksheet Pages of Halloween themed printables for your music students to assess their knowledge of reading the notes on the lines and spaces of the treble clef – FACE/EGBDF

TpT Digital Activity included! Students can type the letters directly onto the pdf.

****This file is included in my Note Reading Through the Seasons ******

Print out for individuals or project and do as a whole group as note reading practice.

Perfect quick assessments for elementary music teachers like me who see their classes just once a week in a short block of time!

PDF File includes:

20 pages of note reading practice – see thumbnails above!

Use as worksheets, assessments, or even substitute plans!

Perfect for many levels or as your beginners progress.

Pages included ask students to identify single notes and more challenging sheets with words on the staff (please take a look at the thumbnail pictures for preview)

Note Reading Through the Seasons

Click here for more seasonal note reading fun:

G Clef Gobblers

Valentine Note Reading Fun

March Music Note Reading

I hope you enjoy using these in your classroom with your students! Please let me know if you’d like to see more for other themes you have in mind! Remember, when you leave feedback, you earn TpT credits you can use toward future purchases on TpT!!! Yippee!

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Sad to have found these after the holiday – excited to use them next year.

I LOVE this resource. It fits in nicely with our space note unit that we learn right before Halloween so students can practice. I’ve crossed out the notes right below the staff since we don’t work on those but all of the in staff notes are great.


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