Musical Four 4 Corners, Instrument Families Game – NOW WITH INSTRUMENT SOUNDS!

Musical Four 4 Corners, Instrument Families Game - NOW WITH INSTRUMENT SOUNDS!

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: PDF, 120 Pages

Musical 4 Corners PowerPoint game is great for strengthening instrument families such as keyboards, strings and percussion. My students loved this game, and it is easy to forget that they’re learning. The presentation notes include the answers so that you can play it with a substitute.

In this activity, 36 instruments are used. You can see all 36 instruments in the thumbnails. The game has a lot of slides, so you can play it for five minutes or twenty.


Due to many requests, I have now included 2 versions of the game in my download. There is one without sound where students have to name the families each instrument belonged to. Another version that has sound and allows them to hear the clip and identify which instrument it belongs to.

You can find all the games in the BIG BUNDLE

Indoor recess is my favorite game, “4 Corners.”

The students are instructed to sneak around corners by counting 10, and when another player closes their eyes, the other calls out the corner number.

Each corner now functions as an instrument.

Instead of looking for an “it” person you can play the embedded audio timing clip. You will see an instrument in each corner of the slide. You can see the students in the area that is closest to the family of instruments listed in the center.

Students can practice categorizing instruments to be identified and categorized to their families.






Notes to the Staff

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This was a review about the families and instruments. It was a huge hit with them! It got them moving and kept them interested in the subject. It makes the topic (which is important) much more fun! This makes it a lot more enjoyable!

This game was a hit with my students! Because they did not feel pressured to find the correct answer, they were more relaxed and self-assured. It has been a great resource that I’ve recommended to music teachers. We are grateful!


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