* Musical Instruments Jeopardy Style Game Show Distance Learning

* Musical Instruments Jeopardy Style Game Show Distance Learning

This can be used by 1st through 7th grade students.

Included: PDF, 25 Pages

The Musical Instruments Jeopardy game show is a musical instrument quiz! This is a great way to practice reviewing different types of instruments. Students will be able to review the 25 problem sets in a fun gameshow environment. It was a great team effort. Tweet musicYou can find it here. You need a lesson that is fun to pass on as a replacement? Here it is!It’s that simple!

You will receive a Google Classroom version with this download! This is a great tool for distance learning. Google Slides GC doesn’t include scoring. The point values don’t disappear. But the learning and fun are still there! It is used by students in the PRESENT MODEYou can find it here!

The games don’t seem to be compatible with Macs. Please do not purchase this product if you own a Mac.

The following categories are available for Game Shows:





Please name the Family

The sound of instruments is not heard in this game. Instead, the goal is to identify instruments using thumbnails.

Your children and you will both love selecting which team of “contestants” they choose. After you’ve gotten the correct answer click the button to see it in the screen. Then, select YOUR contestant team and get points.

Are you having problems? Have no worries! Don’t worry! Let’s start this game! Drop me an email: [email protected]Let me know if you have any questions. You’ll also want to show your support so that you can get TpT credits in the future. Please let me know what contestants you would like to see on this show.

You can project from a smartboard and other interactive whiteboards. The interactive portions are not converted to any format. You should also be able “play” regular powerpoints.

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This activity was a hit with my students. They loved competing against each other and showing off their knowledge. This is a great way to learn and reinforce your learning.

The review was great! It was great to watch my students compete and learn.


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