Musical Theatre Research Project

Musical Theatre Research Project

This can be used by 6th-12th grade Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 6 Pages

The musical theatre project takes 3 days to complete detailed research on a Broadway musical. For Part 1 of the project, students may use IBDB to search for information. Part Two is where the information will be presented. It can usually take 2 days. You will find a rubric to help you determine the level of completion for Part One and also a breakdown of the contents in PART Two. It may take several days to present them to class. Thanks for watching and be sure to leave a comment! TPT Theatre teacher, with love


They enjoyed my unit about musicals. This resource was given to me by my students after I completed the unit. It was a great success! Thank you so much! This was a great addition to the unit that I designed.


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