New Years 2021 – a resolution goals flip book – writing and craft activity

New Years 2021 - a resolution goals flip book - writing and craft activity

It can be used to teach K-4th.

Included: PDF, 61 Pages

It’s a good time to look back at the year past and make goals for next year. Flip book for the 2021 New YearYour students are able to do this. Students can also set their own goals. You can create goals for your friendships, at home, and at school. And for seniors students you can even plan the way they’ll get there.

You have 14 choices of 2021 New Years cover (7 girls & & boys) for the flip book for both and an additional party hat that can be glued on once the flip book is complete.

You can choose pages to suit the operating level of your students (there are 3 types for each page that allow for differentiation), then give them a cover, hat and let them draw and color. Then glue them together. Instructions are provided. This will make a beautiful display that you can hang on your bulletin board or wall.

You can find all New Year’s GoalYou can choose between a single goal or multi-goal page when setting up pages. Just pick what best suits you.

Take a look at the preview for all the contents of the Flip Book on Goal Setting in 2021.


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