Nonfiction Text Feature Surgery | Hospital Room Transformation

Nonfiction Text Feature Surgery | Hospital Room Transformation

It can be used for students in 2nd through 4th grades.

Includes: PDF, 21 Pages

Nonfiction text feature surgical procedures have been popularized on social media. Now you can bring this engaging activity into your classroom. Everything is included in this product to create your own “surgery experience” for your students. 

It can be as dramatic or simple as you want!  Your students will need only a magazine, patient files, scissors, glue, and glue if you want a print-and-go version. For a truly memorable experience, make sure you provide each student with surgical gloves and facemasks. You can even use the background to play a video of your heart rate monitor.

This product will contain:

•Welcome to Medical SchoolInteractive notes to help students understand non-fiction text features. Includes Table of Contents with Bold Words and Glossary. 

•Text Feature Matching CardsThese are great for memory games or matching centers.

•Donuts: A Circular Delight-If magazines are unavailable, this article can be used by your students as a reference.

•Surgery Day Checklist- Your students will be able to follow the steps step-by-step during the surgery activity. 

•Patient Files- Students will study the symptoms of ten patients in order to identify which text feature would best help them. The students will then locate a sample of the text feature from the magazine and glue it to the box. 

•Post-Op Report-Students will complete this activity as an early finisher. They will identify the purpose and benefit of each text feature. 

•Answer Keys Included


❤️”Text features can be difficult to understand. This creative approach is designed to help students master the skill.

❤️”This was my favourite lesson throughout the entire school year and my students absolutely loved it!

❤️”I wanted to implement text feature surgery but wasn’t sure where or how to begin. This product is cute and takes very little time to use. Thank you! “I cannot wait to use it next year!”

❤️”All components are great. Excellent overall quality and thoroughness.

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You can find information relevant to your topic using text features or search tools (e.g. key words sidebars, hyperlinks), efficiently.


To locate key facts and information within a text, you must be able to use the various text features such as captions, bold print or subheadings, glossaries or indexes, electronic menus, icons, and other text features (e.g., subtitles, bold print, subheadings), effectively.

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