Nutcracker Activity Bundle! Classical Music Listening & Composing + BONUS FILE!

Nutcracker Activity Bundle!  Classical Music Listening & Composing + BONUS FILE!

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Also includes: PDF and 236 Pages

Do you need fun & engaging activities for your Nutcracker unit? The December listening sheets and Christmas activities are included in this bundle! It is great for subplans.

Listening Sheets for the Nutcracker

Tchaikovsky’s famous composition “The Nutcracker”, is among his most well-known. Do you need fun & engaging activities for December? Here are some printables Listening sheets for “The Nutcracker”.You can add festive joy to your holiday party, at homeschool get togethers or family holidays!

Find out more information about the composer Tchaikovsky.

This item is also included in the Nutcracker + Festive Winter Bundle!

Bundle Bonus File:

The Nutcracker Carnival! Students can listen and color 22 carnival-themed activity pages! Does the music sound like a roller coaster? Or maybe bumper cars? After coloring a music inspired carnival, there’s snacks and prizes to choose at the bottom of the page. Available exclusively in all Nutcracker bundles!

Printable Listening Sheets Include: (two pages per piece)

  1. Overture
  2. The Christmas Tree
  3. March
  4. Gallop And Dance Of The Parents
  5. The Presents Of Drosselmeyer
  6. Grandfather Dance
  7. Clara And The Nutcracker
  8. Battle with the Mouse King
  9. In The Christmas Tree
  10. Waltz Of The Snowflakes
  11. The Magic Castle On The Mountain Of Sweets
  12. Clara And Prince Charming
  13. Chocolate (Spanish Dance)
  14. Coffee (Arabian Dance)
  15. Tea (Chinese Dance)
  16. Trepak (Russian Dance)
  17. Dance Of The Reed Pipes
  18. Polichinelle (The Clown)
  19. Waltz Of The Flowers
  20. Pas De Deux (3rd Movement contains “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”)
  21. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  22. Grand Finale

Nutcracker BINGO

Add this BINGO game to your Nutcracker unit or winter sub plans! Students will enjoy racing to find Clara, the Mouse King, Godfather Drosselmeyer, and more! There are also a few festive objects like cupcakes and ornaments. Great for printing on Astrobright paper!

Product Includes:

  • Instruction page
  • 25 Caller Cards (6 per page)
  • 30 BINGO game boards – each one contains the same characters but have slightly different layouts.

Use mini-erasers, bingo chips, or other fun items as space markers. Students get 5 in a row to win!

Nutcracker Music Note Matching Activity

This music note matching activity reviews & strengthens treble and bass note skills! Cut and laminate for extended use – perfect for winter, December, and including in your Nutcracker-themed fun!

18 Grand Staff Puzzles (18 in all)

Treble Space Notes: f – a – c – e

Treble Line Notes: e – g – b – d – f

Bass Space Notes: a – c – e – g

Bass Line Notes: g – b – d – f – a

5 Wall Posters / Music Center Sheets

Grand Staff: Illustrates the two staves

Treble Clef: Explains at-a-glance what the treble clef looks like

Treble Notes: Displays and defines the notes on the treble clef

Bass Clef: Explains at-a-glance what the bass clef looks like

Bass Notes: Displays and defines the notes on the bass clef

Nutcracker Blank Sheet Music and Clef Practice

Designed with the youngest composers in mind – these blank manuscript pages allow students to compose their own pieces! Draw the music notes or use small stickers to piece together a classical composition. Treble & bass clef tracing sheets are also included.

This set is inspired by “The Nutcracker” and features clipart from the well-loved story/performance.

Nutcracker Fairytale Story, Classical Music Listening, Christmas Activities

Just print & play! Do you need engaging classical music activities? Nutcracker Story listening sheets combine music appreciation with a fairy tale theme! Students compose their wondrous tale by choosing the setting, characters, and familiar fairy tale objects inspired by the music. There’s also a drawing box for students to capture a scene from their imaginations. Discuss and display for further engagement!

What’s Included:

  • Story Guide – an illustrated chart with each character/object
  • 22 Fairy Tale Listening Sheets
  • 22 Fairy Tale Drawing Pages

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