Nutcracker Music Activities: Visuals and Activities for the Music Room

Nutcracker Music Activities: Visuals and Activities for the Music Room

It can be used to teach K–5th grades.

Included: PDF, 115+

You need visuals, strategies and activities that will help you teach Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” in your music lessons. This comprehensive unit of 115 pages includes:

* “Follow Me,” beats activity at the Nutcracker OvertureGrades K-1

* Nutcracker beat visuals to beat-trackingFor grades K-1, suitable (available in color or black/white).

* Activity for Nutcrackers25 printable color nutcracker pages with movement instructions, 25 printable black-and-white nutcrackers sheets with motion directions, and Google Slides featuring embedded video for an overture. These sheets are suitable for grades 1-5.

* Visual stories– Students place the photos in the correct order according to their story. Also included are text cards so that older students can line the text cards up with the photo cards. You can use these to decorate your bulletin boards.

* Form activity “March”For grades 3 through 8, students can use the A, A’ and B cards to determine the shape of the Nutcracker March (either individually or in groups).

* Flashcards and rhythmic ostinato activitiesInstructions for using flashcards to ostinato specific Nutcracker pieces. For each of these rhythmic concepts, 4 Nutcracker flashcards will be included: quarter rest, Ti-ti and half-note, Ti-tika, Ki-ti, half-note, tika–ti. Syncopa, Tim-ka, Tam-ti.

* Listening lesson slidehow “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”.The theme is a rhythm that students must learn and then move in a creative way for each section. This is a great tool for students with knowledge of ta, vi-ti and rest. It can also be used for distance learning with Google Slides and PowerPoint.

* Tchaikovsky’s and the Nutcracker: WorksheetStudents answer questions about the reading. For grades 2 and higher.

* Slideshow “Nutcracker”.Summary of the Nutcracker. Contains fun visuals, links to You Tube videos, and a summary of the story. The links will not work without access to You Tube. This is appropriate for students in grades 1 through 5. This book is also available as a PDF or Google Slides. It can also be used for distance education.

*Graphics on bulletin board includingYou can find this link:

— “Did YOU KNOW” cards: Funny facts about Nutcracker

–Nutcracker letters

Tchaikovsky Picture

Pictures with the definitions for composer, conductor and musician

Cards with the titles of some of the most loved pieces from Nutcracker

While some of these materials are only available for Christmas, many can be used throughout the year. For more details, download the preview.

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Excellent unit, as usual. Aileen will provide thoughtful and systematic instruction that impacts students learning.

“The activities were wonderful. This short story, with links to music samples and a very handy summary was just right for our class. We are grateful!

They made planning lessons so easy! You can find everything right here, ready to be used!

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A very comprehensive set of resources that offers lots of choices. This was the first time I could add a Nutcracker unit in my curriculum. The set offered many choices.

Because of the cancelled winter concert this year, I needed to beef up my nutcracker team. We are grateful.


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