Occupational Therapy Teletherapy: HAND EMOJI CHALLENGE- Virtual or Printable

Occupational Therapy Teletherapy: HAND EMOJI CHALLENGE- Virtual or Printable

Useful for PreK-12th and Homeschool
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and Second-Grade students.

Included: PDF

Description You can share this online resource via Google Slides in order to improve your Fine Motor OT Skills. Screen-sharing is possible, or you can print this exercise to use during your session. The viral tik-tok challenge and the instagram challenges inspired these activities. An occupational therapist modified them and graded them to target specific visual and fine motor skills. You don’t need any preparation or equipment!

Instructions You can copy each hand-emoji movement using your hands.

Time: 10-15 minutes

Modifications possible

  • Screen-share activity with others during virtual sessions 
  • You can print every slide and make playing cards from them
  • You can use it for an individual or group session.
  • Ask them to try it as quickly as possible. 
  • You can set a timer so you know how long each level takes.
  • Are you able to do both forward and backward movements?
  • Show the slides to them and ask them to try memorizing the movements.
  • You can have the metronome set and the dancers follow the beat.
  • You can have them dance to your beat!

Each level has 5 levels and 3 levels. Please note that Emoji images might vary depending upon the Apple or Google Chromebook device.


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