Ocean Animals Craft Bundle | Ocean Activities | Shark | Fish | Turtle | Whale

Ocean Animals Craft Bundle | Ocean Activities | Shark | Fish | Turtle | Whale

It can be used to support PreK-second
Most commonly used by Kindergarten students.

This includes: 323 pages PDF

The Ocean Animals Craft Bundle offers a variety of fun activities to help students learn about the oceans. Cut and paste is a fun activity that students will enjoy. They can choose from 13 types of crafts, including fish, crabs, jellyfishes, pufferfishes, octopus and pufferfish. You can use these crafts in different units. They make beautiful bulletin boards and are crafts students will love to bring home.

This bundle includes:

Crafts made from crab meat

Dolphin Craft


Jellyfish Craft

Octopus Craft

Pufferfish Craft

Scuba Diver Craft

Seahorse Craft

Shark Craft

Starfish Craft

Sting Ray Craft

Turtle Craft

Whale Craft

What is included in every pdf?

• A photograph of the craft activity

• Step-by-step directions

• Templates that can be copied directly onto colored cardstock or construction paper and then cut out by students.

• Labeled templates that can be xeroxed onto cardstock, cut by the teacher, and then traced onto colored paper and cut by students. You will need to label the template with the name, color, and number of pieces (ex. Body Cut 1 Red).

For the following crafts only: Fish, Jellyfish (one separate PDF to email to students)

Includes worksheets

• My Ocean Animal Booklet

• 10 Letter Hunt Worksheets

• 10 Writing Prompts (If I were a …)

• Ocean Animal Bingo (Or use as a scavenger hunt at an aquarium)

• 22 Vocabulary Cards

• Ocean Animal KWL Chart (Can apply to any animal)

• 11 Bubble Maps

• 5 Ocean Wars Compare and Contrast Venn Diagrams

There are many creative uses for the craft:

Learn more about ocean animals

practicing fine motor skills

• bulletin boards

• door and hallway decorations

• small group station

• pair it with a worksheet, activity, or book

• reward or class party


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We started the year off with an ocean unit. These were very useful to reinforce and provide students with fun activities at the end. These were simple to put together, and easy enough to be completed by students. Thank you so much

This was one of my most favorite purchases. This purchase was a favorite of mine! Students researched the ocean animals and created a report. It was amazing to see our hallway bulletin board!


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