One and Two Step Word Problems – Make Baggie Ice Cream digital & print

One and Two Step Word Problems  - Make Baggie Ice Cream digital & print

It can be used to make 3rd and 5th grade.
This is a common method of teaching 3rd- and 4th-grade students.

Also includes: Google Sheets, PDF and 10+ Google Sheets

This digital Google Sheets tool helps you practice math and science with 1 and 2-step story problems. It also allows students to subtraction, addition and division. Great for students in 3rd and 4th grades! This includes twelve word problems for students to answer, each based upon the recipe of baggie-ice cream. Parts of a pixel image will magically appear if they correctly answer. Once the whole picture is created, students will be able to tell when they are done.

The activity can also be used for making Baggie Ice Cream. You will receive a set of projectable instructions and a printed booklet to take home with you. You can either make the recipe, then use it to complete the digital word problems activity or you can give the recipe to students after they have completed their math. It will not be easy to forget this lesson!

You can easily assign this product via Google Classroom. You can use it for partner work or math station activities.

What is the science behind making ice-cream? Here’s a list of ideas.

  • liquids & solids
  • Mixtures/solutions
  • property of matter: dissolve (salt/sugar).
  • Measuring
  • Temperature
  • Salt and ice: How does it affect them?
  • Insulators
  • lactose intolerance

BONUS: Paper-based version is included!

Take a look at the preview for more details!

Cassi Noack, Rachel Lynette and Minds in Bloom are happy to present this product.


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