Op Art and the Elements of Art – Art Lessons

Op Art and the Elements of Art  - Art Lessons

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers from the 1st through 6th grades.

Included: PDF, 79 Pages

You can use Op Art lessons as a way to show the different elements of art. This set of op arts projects will teach students how to make optical illusions by providing step-by-step instructions. With this activity, kids can create striking art and will feel proud of what they have accomplished. Every lesson teaches students how to create optical illusions using the elements of art, such as color and lines.

What you get is:

• Table of Contents (1 page)

• Vocab Words & Definitions (2 pages)

• Teacher Instructions (9 pages)

• Student Illustrated Instructions (15 pages)

• Rubrics & Labels (6 pages)

• Coloring Pages (12 pages)

• Contrasting Colors presentation (28 slides)

• Contrasting Colors lesson (6 pages)

❯❯❯❯❯ Total of 79 pages

These 5 lessons in Op Art are Op Art Hearts and Op Art Hands.

You will find the illustrated instructions with the necessary materials, the vocabulary words, and step-by-step directions along with tips. The two-page document includes a list of vocabulary words and their definitions. So that you can quickly assess your work and have it ready for hanging, each lesson comes with a label as well as a rubric.

To see an instant preview of your results, click on “Preview”.

You can view the Prezi that I have created by clicking this link

Op Art Prezi

You can use the Prezi to present Op Art to students.

You can find more information about how to use the Op Art Heart lesson in teaching color theory here Op Art Heart Color Study BlogThis is the answer. This would be applicable to the Op Art Hand lesson.

Learn about Contrasting ColorsThe 6-page booklet is available here. This is the exact same package that I sell for $4. For more information on this lesson, click here

Discover the Differences in Color

Check out my blog to learn more about the techniques I used for adding color to this lesson. Op Art Coloring Techniques blog Post.

You can click here for more Elements of Art Lessons.

You can click here for more Op Art Lessons.

You can find this lesson in my Art Lesson MEGA Bundle

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Expressionist Monkey

This art project is very easy to make and requires little prep. They can be used as part of supply planning, which I’ve done before. This is great for students who want to have fun and not worry about the supplies. These are something I enjoy with my classes. You can find them here.

This art was a hit with my students. It also served as a great activity for subs because the lesson plan and instructions were included.


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