Orchestra Virtual Field Trip to Learn about Instrument Families in Music Class

Orchestra Virtual Field Trip to Learn about Instrument Families in Music Class

This can be used by 3rd-5th grade students.

Included: PDF, 46 Pages

Virtual Field Trips using Google Slides were something I heard of for music classes, but I was unsure. After trying it, I was hooked. Virtual Field Trips to Orchestra teach third through sixth grades about the instruments used by the orchestra.

This Google Slides activity is:Students will click on the picture to go to the “music hall”. Clicking on a picture in the “music hall” takes students to another section of the virtual fieldtrip. Students can answer questions and show off their learning after each section of Virtual Field Trip.

Virtual Field Trips teach instruments for the orchestra. This Virtual Field Trip covers the four main instrument families, percussion, strings and brass as well as woodwind. The sections discuss HOW the instruments are identified, embed YouTube videos so you can hear how they sound together and the common instruments in each family. There is also an activity that students can do.

This is a field trip I created for music lessons for grades 3-5.

You need more orchestra instruments? You get video lessons as well as Google Slides activities. Each family is covered in depth!

This includes:

  • 46 Slide Google Slides lesson
  • All four instrument families
  • You can play along with 19 slides, or label and sort an instrument.

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Enjoy teaching

This virtual field trip was a huge hit with my students! Many thanks!

It has been a wonderful unit! This unit is more than half done and I love it! It worked for everyone, even though I was hybrid.


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