Pablo Picasso Portrait Drawing & Art History Research Lesson

Pablo Picasso Portrait Drawing & Art History  Research Lesson

It can be used by Homeschool, 3rd through 9th grade students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

It’s hard to contain your laughter when you see this Picasso art project! You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to teach this abstract portrait drawing lesson to children. The timeline activity is a great way for students to put facts & events from their research in chronological order. (You’ll also get some facts & events for younger students to use in the timeline.)

You will get the following:

• Teacher instructions (4 pages)

• Picasso Face Key with links (1 page)

• 3 versions of the Picasso Face dice drawing sheet (3 pages)

• Pattern & Textures (2 pages)

• Picasso Coloring Page (1 page)

• Timeline Activity & Instructions (3 pages)

• Definition Cards (1 page)

The total number of pages is 15.

2017 Update — More than twice the page!()

• Added 2 pages of teacher instructions.

• Added the choice drawing page.

• Added the timeline activity.

• Added the coloring page.

• Added the definition cards.

• Added links to a blog demo.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), is well-known for his co-founding of the Cubist movement. His later works showed his face from multiple perspectives, giving it a mixed feeling.

Roll the dice to create your own mixed-up face using some of the features found in Picasso’s work.

The features in this roll & draw game are all taken from portraits made by Picasso and found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Try to get your students involved in identifying which portraits were used. All of the dice numbers are taken from one portrait.

You will find the key on page 2. This includes your accession number and web address. It can be used to quickly locate an image online.

Encourage students to do more than just the facial.

These drawings are fun to follow-up on a Picasso film or teach art history.

These could be used to create a collage or painting, mixed media project, or even a clay slab.

Here’s an example of how to easily add color to my blog.

My lesson includes this insight Drawing the MEGA Bundle

You can click here for more information about Roll and Draw sheets.

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Expressive Monkey

This was used to help me support my Picasso unit with my students. I found the information, visuals and slides very helpful and helped me engage my students about this art form.

The product was fun for my students and they learned so much about abstract arts. Even “Soul” was shown to show us the cubism style. Many thanks!We are grateful!


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