Paintings (3 pages, includes Teachers Guide)

Paintings (3 pages, includes Teachers Guide)

This can be used by 1st-5th grade students.

Included: PDF, 3 Pages

One zip file will contain two folders, one with pdf files and one with jpg. Please contact me if you experience problems printing. If necessary, I will help or revise your work.

These worksheets, “Paintings …”,”, show the famous artworks that represent 6 types of painting. Artist refers to each painting. Each painting is referenced by Artist.

Start page: Landscapes, Portraits and Seascape

Second page: Abstract and realistic Still Life.

Vocabulary can be found in the “Art is…Teacher’s Guide” word document.

Notice: Copyrighted images and artist photos may be used by students to enrich their Art History and appreciation. Many of these artists now belong to the public domain.

This is usually student led and allows students to draw in their own words, feelings, or reactions on the given blanks. You can copy, outline, draw or just one part of the design. The possibilities are endless and they can choose to copy, outline or draw the designs. Encourage active participation in at least one form.

My Bunded “Art is” Series includes paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and more.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. For those who are not familiar with Open-Ended Art activities, you can download my Free “Open Endded Art is …”.”

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