Palace of Versailles Virtual Field Trip and Scavenger Hunt

Palace of Versailles Virtual Field Trip and Scavenger Hunt

It can be used as a homeschool for the 6th-12th grades
Most commonly used by 10th-grade students.

Includes: 8 pages PDF

This activity can be used to take the kids to Versailles. They will need to walk around the palace, looking at art, and learning about Louis XIV. This makes a wonderful addition to any Absolutism-related class discussion. This activity can be done in between one and two class periods. Included is the key. Access to the internet and a tablet or computer are required. Use Google Chrome.

This packet is a fantastic introduction to Marie Antoinette Movie.

Although I had some difficulties with the Google Earth links navigation, it was a great resource and one that all my students enjoyed.

It is a great resource. So that students can submit their questions online, I converted the questions to a google document. To allow my students to start at the same location, I had to modify the instructions for getting into the building. Many spent a lot time looking around for the right place before starting on their assignment. This was because the assignment was not timed. The exploration was enjoyable for my 10th-graders!


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