Parts of a Recipe Review Worksheet- Common Core

Parts of a Recipe Review Worksheet- Common Core

This can be used by 5th-12th grade students.

Included: PDF and 2 pages

The worksheet helps students to learn how to read and understand a recipe. This worksheet can be used to practice reading a recipe. Students will be able to read a recipe, extract important information from the ingredient lists and procedural steps, as well as determine equipment required for the preparation of the recipe.This is an essential handout for any FACS/Home and Careers/Life Skills/Vocational/CTE teacher’s repertoire!

The Common Core standard requires that students use this worksheet to extract essential information from the texts and to cite evidence in order to answer the questions. Both domain-specific vocabulary and general vocabulary can be used.

The featured oatmeal cookie recipe may also be used for a laboratory assignment.

It is amazing. This made review to verify understanding much simpler!

Thank you!Thank you!


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