Parts of Speech Posters for Teens, Secondary Decor Teen-Friendly Grammar Posters

Parts of Speech Posters for Teens, Secondary Decor Teen-Friendly Grammar Posters

It can be used to teach 6th-12th grades, Homeschoolers.

Included: 8 posters, PDF and 12 colors (PDF format).

Want to remind your students about parts of speech? The eight posters are a great addition to any classroom. They also double as educational tools for teenagers and tweens.

Secondary teachers have had to confront the shocking realization that most of their students don’t know or forget the parts of speech. The posters are meant to capture their attention and remind them about the English role nouns/verbs/pronouns/adverbs, adjectivs, adjectives/adverbs, conjunctions/prepositions and interjections have in English.

You can choose from two sizes of these parts-of-speech posters: 11×17 inches or 8.5×11 inches. There are also 12 color options.






Hot Pink



Navy Blue

Light Blue



You can use the white background option with any printer. It also works well when combined with colored papers for an amazing effect. Save the ink from your printer to get the best black or colored background results. You can also take the pages to your local school media center for cheap color copies. You will get a better quality and lower cost than printing the background color at home.

Each poster is sold separately in my shop, but if you buy this bundle you’ll Save 37%The price for each individual purchase!

NOTICE: The item can also be included in my English 9-10 full-year curriculumPlease see the following: Please do not buy this item if you have the entire-year license. If you’d like to receive this item plus everything else needed to teach 180 days of English 9 or English 10 at a deeply discounted price, Click here for more information about the complete-year curriculum.

Thank you for visiting. I hope this is a great gift for you and your student!


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