Paul Klee Nametag, Full Video Demo & Slides Ver for Visual Art Distance Learning

Paul Klee Nametag, Full Video Demo & Slides Ver for Visual Art Distance Learning

This can be used by 6th-12th grade Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 27+

Full Demonstration Video Links, Interactive Google Slides Presentation and Digital Student Self-Evaluation Links for Distance Learning.The week-long assignment introduces students and then uses images of Klee’s artwork to talk about color schemes. Students will learn how to create names using a repeating pattern, and fill in the gaps between letters and with color schemes.


  • **NEW** Full Demonstration Video Links in PPT and Lesson Plan
  • 5-page Lesson Plan with National Visual Arts Standards. Includes Big Ideas, Enduring Understanding. Materials. Final Outcomes. Instructional Materials. Process notes. Vocabulary.
  • **NEW** Interactive Google Slides Presentation Links in PPT and Lesson Plan
  • 22-page Powerpoint and lecture notes
  • Assessment of Students
  • **NEW** Digital Student Self Evaluation Links in PPT and Lesson Plan


• Drawing Paper

• Thin sharpies, or another permanent marker.

• Watercolor Pencils or Colored Pencils (your choice) in various colors

• Paint brushes of varying sizes if using watercolor pencils.

National Visual Arts Anchor Standards

Response Anchor Standard 7: Analyze and perceive artistic works.

Connecting Anchor Standard 11, Artistic ideas and works should be correlated with historical, cultural, or societal contexts to increase understanding.

Anchor Standard 1: Create, conceptualize and implement artistic ideas.

National Visual Arts Standards

VA:Re7.2.HSII – Evaluate whether an image (or images) has the ability to affect ideas, emotions, or behaviors in a specific audience.

VA:Cr2.1.HSIII – Create and experiment with art and design to explore an idea or theme that is meaningful.

Grade 8, VA.Cr2.1.8. Demonstrate willingness, innovation, and risk taking to explore new ideas and forms that arise in the art of designing or making art.

Grade 7, VA.Cr2.1.7. Demonstrate persistence when learning new materials and methods to create art or design.

Grade 6 VA:Cr.2.6: Conduct an artistic exploration of personal relevant material for the creation art.

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These were great for my online class. Many thanks.


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