Peeps Easter Virtual Field Trip Digital

Peeps Easter Virtual Field Trip Digital

It can be used by 2nd-12th-grade Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 25+

Enjoy a virtual trip to Peeps’ marshmallow candy factory. It is perfect for Easter, but also great all year! As you tour the factory, learn how they make Peeps and do fun learning activities such as answering questions or creating worksheets. Ready to go, no prep!

You can take a virtual fieldtrip:

  • Take a tour of the factory to learn how Peeps come together
  • Watch the video to learn more about Peeps’ history
  • To learn more about the fun candy, visit the Peeps website
  • Learn Peep fun facts
  • Learn all you can about the Peeps on different websites

This digital version can be used with Google Classroom, Google Apps and Google Apps. Please visit my store by following the link:

You get all that and more with this product:

  1. Teachers get a free product code (valued at 2 dollars) from my shop
  2. Instructions for teachers and ideas to differentiate
  3. Instructions to students
  4. You can visit the Virtual Field Trip page for links to activities and other great resources.
  5. Summary page for Trip Overview
  6. All Peeps Activity Worksheet
  7. Site report- Question activity for exploration and learning
  8. Factory actions sequence activity
  9. Assessment of learning/quiz
  10. Writing task for the Peeps Creation Retelling Task
  11. Comparison and contrast diagram of Peeps with other candy
  12.  Postcard from the factory creative writing worksheet
  13. Site Summary
  14. summarization mini report
  15. recap snapshot worksheet
  16. Your own Candy Worksheet
  17. Describe a Peep bubble map
  18. Grading Rubric
  19. Answer Keys

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*Please note the places in this exciting field trip are in no way associated with TeachwithBri or TeachersPayTeachers and are independent great places and sites. These pictures are provided to help you with your exciting lesson plans and other activities. You will need the appropriate viewer in order to view this product. Adjust your printer settings to ensure the highest quality printing.


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