Penguin Name Craft

Penguin Name Craft

Useful for K – 3rd
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and First-Grade students.

Includes PDF and 55 pages

As a winter creative and fine motor activity, students will enjoy making the Penguin Name Craft.

  • Parts of upper- and lowercase chunky letters
  • 3 penguin head options
  • If you want students to create their letters, a blank area is included

Print these on color paper. Or ask your students for help shading them. To make it more challenging for students, you can add crafty details.

My Word Snowman craft might be a good alternative.

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Each student was asked to name a penguin. We used them in our height unit math. Our penguins were arranged in the order of tallest to lowest. We also practiced comparative language, comparing their heights. The activity was very popular with children!

This resource was fun to add to my unit on nonfiction penguins. The students enjoyed putting together their names and seeing the height of their penguins. My students loved it! This is a wonderful resource.


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