Pet Store Dramatic Play

Pet Store  Dramatic Play

Can be used for PreK – K, Homeschool
Mostly used with PreK students.

Includes: PDF, 90 pages

Pet Store Dramatic Play is a fun theme you can do in your pretend or dramatic play center! This teacher planning web shows the theme week by week, and also includes a book list. These labels and photos show you how to set up your Pet Store within your dramatic play area. Simply print the labels and ads. Let the fun begin. This theme integrates literacy, math, language, literacy and social skills. This theme/unit is suitable for pre-k, kindergarten, and elementary classrooms.

You can easily make a pet theme for your dramatic play area with printable props. This package includes oral language, literacy and math opportunities to support current learning standards.

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What’s included:

• Each activity includes a teacher instructions and ideas page!

• Planning Web

• How to Set up the Center

• Up Close Photographs of the Center

• Labels (with and without words)

• Pet Food (How to & labels with and without words)

• Bunting Sign & Student Made Sign

• Idea Web

• Role Necklaces & Posters (shopper, cashier, groomer, clerk)

• Signs: Open, Closed, Cart Parking, Groomer, Adopt a Pet (with and without Words)

• Treat Bar (Sign & How to Make Them)

• Pet Cages (How to & Bedding)

• Price Tags & Sale Signs (2 Variations)

• Number Lines & Receipts

• Money (2 Variations)

• Groomer Labels (with & without words) & Groomer Care Note

• Shopping Lists (3 Variations)

• Inventory List (2 Variations)

• Store Ads (2 Variations)

Take the pet theme all over your classroom with Pets Math and Literacy Centers for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.

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I love these themed centers. It decorates the classroom and adds so much decoration to the Center. It was a huge hit with the kids and I found it easy to choose which ones I liked.

The theme of the pet shop was a hit with my students! The visuals helped them locate the right items for their pets. They also engaged in the topic of taking care of pets.


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