Photography 1: Rules of Composition

Photography 1: Rules of Composition

Can be used for 10th – 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Homeschool, Staff students.

Includes: PDF, 44 pages

Please See the updated FREE version. Please rate/review after downloading – Thanks! This powerpoint covers all the obvious rules(e.g. rule of thirds – yawn), plus some lesser known/understood rules and general guides (e.g. rule of even & odd, rule of space,triangles, simplification etc, plus explanations of juxtaposition, cropping & framing, balancing the visual elements etc) Includes examples and questions for discussion. Written initially for Photography 16-18 years old and undergraduate students but in a ‘bitesize’ easy to understand way so useful for all visual art subjects from 14 years old. Enjoy!

Photography – Rules of Competition by Chris Monaghan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for to use with my middle school art elective. I’d been wanting to do something with photography, but I didn’t know enough or have enough time to compile these important concepts. This kids learned a lot! Thanks so much for making and sharing =D It’s so hard to find good art education support…

Awesome resource! Now I can prove to my students that triangles are interesting. 🙂


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