Pies & Tarts Powerpoint for Culinary Arts/ Foods Course

Pies & Tarts Powerpoint  for Culinary Arts/ Foods Course

It can be used to help 9th -12th graders.

Includes PDF and 31 pages

This Pies & Tarts Powerpoint is meant for a FCS culinary arts or foods course. This powerpoint contains 31 slides and focuses on tarts and pies. These are the powerpoint topics:


Dough Flour, Fat and Liquid


Flaky Dough

Mealy Dough

Rolling & Forming

Fillings- Fruit fillings, Liquid Fillings, Cream & Chiffon fillings


Dough- Short Dough & Sweet Dough

Blind baking



Here are the other products that I have in the pies & tarts unit:

Guidance Notes

Digital Worksheet

Extra Assignment

Lab Alternative Assignment

Assignments International


Also, you can get it all.Bundle – HereThis is a cheaper option than purchasing all files individually and includes bonus files with lab/recipe suggestions!


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