Poetry Analysis Using Lyrics | Distance Learning | GOOGLE | POWERPOINT | PDF

Poetry Analysis Using Lyrics | Distance Learning | GOOGLE | POWERPOINT | PDF

This can be used by 4th-7th grade students.

Included: PDF, 10 Pages

You want to encourage your students learning? Poetry elementsWhat? Annotate lyrics by a range of artists. You have ten songs that you can analyze. It was a huge hit with my students, and it will be a great resource for yours. You will also find links to songs and lyrics. There are also general questions that can be used to analyse the poetry in any song. This is available now for distance learning through GOOGLE LIDESAnd PowerpointStudents can type their answers here. Print the PDF, as it contains lines that allow students to type their answers.

These poetry elements are included in some of the questions:

Rhyme scheme

The purpose of the author

Figurative Language


The Meaning of Lyrics

One class per month is my favorite, and students ask me for more. They can also download the song to their ears! They can bring their lyrics in to share with their classmates at the end of each year. We jam out!

For lyrics and song links, click here. *If you are in Google or PowerPoint, take out this slide if you don’t want students accessing YouTube or AZLyrics.


1. Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

2. Roberta Flack, Killing Me Softly

3. Rock in America – John Mellencamp

4. Taylor Swift: Don’t Grow Up

5. Beautiful Day- U2

6. Hero- Mariah Carey

7. Get in the Dance With My Father Luther Vandross

8. It’s My Life- Jon Bon Jovi

9. Happy- Pharrell

10. Automatic- Miranda Lambert

11. Questions about any lyrics

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It was loved by my students. It is used to teach sixth-graders poetry. Although it was more of an overview for them than a poem, they found it refreshingly different from what they had been used to. It is a great resource for distance learning and would be great for people in person.

It was a great way to see poetry in a new light. The conversations that took place during this activity were very engaging. This resource is a great one and I will definitely use it again.


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