Prehistoric Art Group Cave Drawing

Prehistoric Art Group Cave Drawing

It can be used to teach 1st-through 3rd grades.

Includes: PDF, 15 pages

Although children are not allowed to draw on walls, some past artists did. Lascaux Cave contains some very well-known prehistoric paintings. This activity and lesson plan is fun and easy to share art history with students.

Art is an universal human trait. People have created art for longer time than writing. Prehistoric Art is a fascinating subject that students love because they can connect with people from different parts of the globe thousands of years ago. One of the most well-known Paleolithic archaeology locations is Lascaux Cave. The Lascaux Cave, located in France is home to numerous murals depicting animals students can recognize.

This zip file contains everything you need to create a group project. A 2 page PDF lessonplan is included that details the process and links the activities to National Core Arts Standards. The “Prehistoric Art-Group Cave Drawing” PowerPoint presentation includes 11 slides. Many images of Lascaux Cave are included in the slidehow’s first section. This is to help students get inspired. The slide also contains the guidelines to assist students in working together. You can use this lesson plan in one class or more depending on how detailed the information is. Students can also download a 2-page PDF that contains 4 images per page.

Anchor:4: Analyze, select, and then interpret an artistic piece for presentation.

Lesson ObjectiveStudent will work in small groups and create mural drawings that can be displayed.

Lesson ActivityStudents create Lascaux Cave-style drawings.

Materials: “Prehistoric Art-Group Cave Drawing” PowerPoint, large mural paper, Lascaux Cave photographs, and crayons

TimeYou can choose from 1-3 classes

You can combine this fun activity with social studies lessons or World History lesson about prehistoric times.

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