Prepositions, Pronouns, Interjections, and Conjunctions- Grammar Skit

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Can be used for 3rd – 6th students.

Includes: PDF,


This hilarious skit introduces prepositions, pronouns, interjections, and conjunctions in a silly and fun way that will help students put them into long term memory.

This skit is color coded and clearly laid out for the readers to use it as a learning tool and reference.

There are two different colored versions of the skit included: black and white (with language pieces in bold) or a color version (with the language pieces color coded).

There are also different two different font styles to choose from with this skit.

Plus, headbands for all 8 parts!!!

My students LOVED doing this skit! We practiced a few times this week and now they are calling out parts of speech when they hear it (a teacher’s dream!). I’m going to purchase the counterpart to this one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!!

This was used as an intro exercise to practice for their independently written/acted skits-a great model for them! Thanks.


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