Proyecto de la comida: a “family favorite” recipe

Proyecto de la comida: a

This can be used by 9th-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 10 Pages

This product would be a great choice for heritage speakers.


Your class should last eight days, based on class times of 57 minutes.

You can teach this project in many steps:

  • Student creates a poster that depicts a family recipe
    • Include the family’s history to explain why this particular recipe is so important in your family.
    • Use personification in personification when writing a paragraph.
  • Student posters presented to the class
  • Students can prepare and bring their own recipe to class (optional, for additional credit).

Additional:A few episodes I have shown of Taco ChroniclesStudents can learn about personification using Netflix. Students will find many examples of Spanish creativity and learn how to apply this skill throughout their educational path.

In this product are:

  • Project instructions & rubric (2 pages)
  • Instructions for teachers (4 pages).
  • 4 student examples


  • All materials for Spanish-speaking students
  • English teacher instructions


This product can’t be edited.

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