Pumpkin Directed Drawing .. Fun for Fall .. October .. Halloween .. Pumpkins

Pumpkin Directed Drawing .. Fun for Fall .. October .. Halloween .. Pumpkins

It can be used to support PreK-6th
This is a common method of teaching 1st- and 2nd-year students.

Includes PDF and 33 pages

#laboroflove Want to make your classroom brighter? This is the project for you! You need this beautiful pumpkin! It’s perfect for memory books, gift ideas, and hallway displays. It’s just so beautiful… and EASY to draw, for any age!

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All the interesting details:

You get 2 files with this purchase:

✏️ You can print and go, the “Perfect Start Paper” This has some special points printed already on the surface to help artists get off to an excellent start!

✏️This beautiful and vibrant show will guide you through each step.You will learn how to draw a pumpkin. The show includes detailed photographs, explanations written in a way that children understand and tips for artists. There are also plenty of creative variations. All you have to do is turn the pages and listen aloud. Easy to learn! You can do it WITH or without the center. It looks great either way.

You will amaze your students at what their drawings can do! It’s a wonderful project that allows children to show off their talents and improve their artistic confidence.

It’s not difficult for children aged 4-5 years old… it’s also easy for adults of all ages to do! This project was loved by all my children, ages 4-12. You can find it here:

Take a look at the preview for a more detailed view! The preview is available here:



These are the words of happy teachers:

❤️It was a hit with the kids. This is a great activity for directed drawing. This is so fun!

❤️These turned out amazing! The fact that the drawings are still so personalized is amazing to me. This is a wonderful confidence booster for kids!

❤️It is beautiful. It is simple to follow, contains everything you need, and looks incredible.

❤️Wow! This is a great set-up! I absolutely love directed drawings. “I love that the paper is used to teach students how to position themselves in the beginning.”

❤️Directed drawing is something I enjoy because it fits into my lessons. The kids must follow the directions, and then they can feel proud of what they created.



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NOTE ON LICENSING Only one teacher can license this resource. This is one typical class per school year. You are welcome to share this resource with students if your class is online. You may not use the resource for profit in class on websites such as Udemy or OutSchool. It’s not allowed to use this resource for the purpose of selling something. Please ask if you have questions. We are grateful! Thank you!

Made with ❤️by HOWYWOOD Kindergarten

It is always a pleasure to make directed drawings alongside my firsties. This setup was great for virtual/ hybrid learning. We are grateful!

This was a great project that my students and me loved! Although it took many hours, it was definitely worth it. It was a great honor to have my class featured in the art case. Others teachers were skeptical that I did not do anything. You are welcome to view my photos. E-mail me if you’d like to see them: [email protected]


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