Radial Symmetry COLLABORATIVE Activity Coloring Pages

Radial Symmetry COLLABORATIVE Activity Coloring Pages

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Includes PDF and 20 pages

Learning together in class can foster cooperation, acceptance and teamwork.These pages provide a wealth of collaboration projects, which are low-maintenance and require little to no prep.

The concept is simple – the results are awesome! Using common materials such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, paints – each student works independently on his/her “tile.” Once completed, 4 students join their tiles together to form a whole. You can simply trim the excess paper, and then tape the pieces together at the back. Tape them on to a large piece of colored paper. The completed piece is accomplished by turning each square 90 degrees clockwise and measures app.15½ x 15½ inches.

You’ll receive 20 boldly designed “tiles,” developed with a broad age level in mind, loosely based on the months of the year.You can easily include a seasonal project in your curriculum at any time you want. You’ll also find Op Art and non-holiday related subjects. Please check out the Preview to see all the images you don’t see here.

For classroom teachers

It’s no secret that integrating art into your subject matter can be highly effective. This product is based on fractions and radialsymmetry. These pages can be used as a math resource. Also consider a display of “Locked Hands” for Black History Month. Assemble a class quilt using the “Quilt Block” square. Follow the lines of a “Celtic Knot” for a fresh twist on St. Patrick’s Day.

Art Teachers

This sub folder must have! It’s a simple, easy-to-use project that can be enjoyed by all grade levels. You can even customize these pages to fit your curriculum. This product can be customized to meet your requirements based on specific instructions.

This is a resource that not only delivers on a number of learning levels – it brings the “fun factor!” Your kids will love the ease of the process, the opportunity to create their own page and finally the “wow” moment of contributing to the cool, collaborative artwork.

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