Reader’s Theater: Solar System Play | Space Activity

Reader's Theater: Solar System Play | Space Activity

It can be used by 3rd-6th grade, Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

This Solar System Play, which I wrote myself for class’s end-of-year performance is for parents and students. But it could also be used to review space! This play is filled with scientifically accurate information on the sun, moons and planets. It also has fun and entertaining elements.

It includes, specifically:

8 page play

This Teacher Notes contains 5 pages that describe basic costume ideas, casting tips and props. It also includes suggested songs.

Summary of the play:

Sun is convinced that he/she/it is the most important thing about the Solar System. This is why he/she won’t be afraid to share it with everyone. Each planet is guided by the Sun (including Venus, Venus, Saturn, and the surfer), and every object in the solar system. The Sun eventually realizes that every planet, moon, asteroids, and comet has value. each planet has its value.

The play includes 30 parts. However, you can adjust the numbers to suit your students’ needs. It runs for approximately 20-25 mins.

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You’ll be glad you did:

  • It is an excellent way to enhance scientific information.
  • Each child can have their own part, up to 30, but the parts are large enough that it could be used by any other student with just a little tweaking.
  • You can use the play in one setting, such as in class.
  • The humor of the play is a big hit with students and they love to read it.
  • These songs may include Aquarius and Venus, which are popular suggestions.
  • It is an excellent way to incorporate science and literature.
  • Play is an excellent tool for practicing fluency.

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