Reader’s Theater: The Baseball Hero

Can be used for 2nd – 3rd students.

Includes: PDF,


Reader’s Theatre is a fun and engaging way for students to practice reading aloud with fluency and expression, as well as performing in front of an audience without the stress and pressure of memorizing lines. I use reader’s theatre at the end of the school year to keep my students focused and learning, despite the end of the year craziness!

The Baseball Hero is a story about the Pirates baseball team that is in the league championship game. Two of the players, Max and Molly, aren’t very nice to another player, Lucas (not a character in the story), who isn’t as good as the rest of the players. Ruby tries to stand up for Lucas, but Max and Molly don’t stop. In the end, the Pirates are losing, and Lucas is the last player up to bat. He ends up hitting a home run and winning the game for the team!

This script was written with end-of-the-year second graders’ reading levels in mind. It is shorter than most scripts written by big publishing companies, in order to keep the audience engaged for the whole performance. It took my second graders about 5 minutes to perform The Baseball Hero for their audience.

There are six parts in this script. This pack includes seven copies of the script: one for each part with the lines highlighted, and one blank copy. Each script is a total of four pages, including the cover. To assemble the scripts, I take a 12″ x 18″ piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Then I glue the cover page on the front and the lines on the inside and back cover, and then laminate the booklets. I have also included name tags for each part. I turn them into signs my students hang around their necks, or you can make them into headbands/hats.

To see more of my reader’s theatre scrips, CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions about this product, please let me know!

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My students loved this and it has a great lesson with it

Such a fun and engaging way to practice fluency! Thank you!


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