Reader’s Theater: The Missing Pirate Treasure

You can use it by second- or third-year students.

Includes: PDF,


Reader’s Theatre gives students the opportunity to practice their reading skills and have fun in an informal and friendly environment. Reader’s Theatre helps students learn through chaos and focus.

Riley and Bailey have just returned from vacation, when Bailey finds a small glass container with an engraved map. The pirate seeks the map’s treasure. They follow the clues and find the treasure, only to find out the treasure isn’t gold coins; it’s chocolate coins!

The script was written with the help of second-graders. It is shorter than most scripts that large publishers have published to keep people entertained throughout the performance. The Missing Pirate Treasure was completed by my second-graders in four minutes.

There are three sections to this script. You will receive four copies of each section: one with highlighted lines and another without. Each script includes four pages, including the cover. A piece of 12-x18″ construction papers is used for each script. It’s folded in half. The cover page is adhered to the front, along with all the lines on the inside and back. The booklets are then laminated. Each section has its own name tag. For my students I make them into neck signs and attach them to their necks. These can be used to make headbands or hats.

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