Reading Restaurant Menus Worksheets

Reading Restaurant Menus Worksheets

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: 4 Pages PDF

Different functional reading activities worksheets are available for students in special education.

It comes with:

  • Level 1 – Cut & Paste Worksheet
  • Level 2 – Write in answers worksheet

Another idea for use:

Turn the cut & paste worksheet into a file folder or work task box activity by laminating it and having pre-cut velcro pieces to use.

★★You do not receive menus. You can get free menus to-go at any restaurant, or view/print many from the internet.

Exemplary IEP Goal

Given 1 gestural prompt and 4/5 trial periods, student can identify the restaurant name, main dish, appetizer and dessert on a restaurant menu. These are measured using observation, data collection and/or work samples.


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This resource is great for helping students understand how to read a menu. It can be used to practice on multiple menus. This assignment has motivated and engaged my students.

It was loved by both my students and me! I was able to include extension projects and activities. Students had to select a menu, create questions and ask others.


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